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    Brunei has some of the largest oil fields in all of Southeast Asia, making it home to one of the wealthiest rulers on the planet. The Sultan of Brunei has assets of around US$ 40 billion and lives in a 1,700 room palace with a garage for 110 cars. His family has ruled Brunei for over 600 years. Travelers to Brunei can glimpse.

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    Brunei's culture is deeply rooted in its Malay origins, which are reflected in the nation's language, architecture, ceremonies, and customs governing daily life. Though various foreign civilisations have played a role in forming Brunei's rich history, the traditions of the Old Malay World have left an indelible mark on the culture of.

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    PIP: Brunei's population characteristics, geographical features, history, form of government, and political and economic situation were briefly described. Brunei is a . Brunei Shell is the country's 2nd largest employer next to the government, accounts for 72% of the gross domestic product (GDP), and is the primary source of.

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